Getting back to good…or at least back on track!

Since October I’ve given myself excuse,outs,and “reasons” for not tracking my weight watcher points and for not going to the gym! But now I’m heading in the right direction. I’ve went to the gym twice this week so far and have been tracking eveything I eat and drink.

When I went back to the gym on Monday night two instuctors said “hey” and numerous people told me “hello.” It made me feel good about the habits I once had. It gave me reassurance that I could have those habits again! I have to remember that this is a journey and will take work. I am recommitted and I am promising to myself to be a healthier me :) Acceptance that I will have ups and downs is key! I think that is where I went wrong in the last couple of months…But learning that lesson will ultimatly help me :)

Feb 13th, 2010….%10 percent lost :)

Don’t think that along the way,I haven’t eaten things that I shouldn’t have…(rice crispy treats}…But little bites and that was it. When I was done eating, I was done eating. And I know I still have along way to go! I am feeling really happy that I lost this week! After eating really and bbq wings! But I still lost..I think because I didn’t let a couple of bad days turn into a bad week, then a bad month and so on and so on. I am happy! I have offical lost 10% of my body weight :)

Zumba is sexy…Diabetes is not

Last night a former co-worker came by to visit at my job. She went and got subway for us :) I ate half of a turkey foot long and I am proud to say I saved the other half for dinner :) ya WW Girl! I laughed with her about the views different people have about weight…image…and fat.(right after I told her about this silly/helpful blog) Then I was joking with her about not going to the gym lol I told her we could just go hang out and she said “That’s hungry girl talkin’ ” LOL she was right and I am very happy she encouraged me to keep my plans!

When I got to the gym I asked the girl at the front desk to please tell me where everything was…this was my first official time there to workout. She explained where everything was and as I started to walk into the workout room, I slowly scoped the place out and wondered if I could really pull off doing the elliptical. Before I could get on a machine this really nice lady approached me and asked me if I would like to do a Zumba class. I agreed and I was excited about it…I’ve never done it before, but I’ve heard good things! Some of the dance moves were sexy lol Next time I will be sure not to wear grey workout pants lol That’s not to cute! It was a great workout and I plan to do another Zumba class tonight! WW Girl is on a roll!

On the drive home from the gym my mom called me to let me know she was put on FOUR insulin shots a day! This is not cute! It will take her life if she doesn’t get it under control. She drinks soda and eats sugary stuff..She says she is going to stop and do better, I hope she does! This just re-enforces what I am doing. I do not want to be in her shoes. I do not want my kids to worry about me like I worry about my mom! I am losing weight and feeling good, but that is changing my health most importantly!

Super Bowl Week…

Mama of 2 kids and wife to one :) that’s my intro. I am on a weight-loss journey. I am 26 years old and hope to live a long long time :) I hope to be a happier and healthier me

I really don’t watch football. But for some reason I bought chicken wings for my husband to eat while the “big” game was on… thinking I could have one or two. Mental flash of Weight Watchers girl vs. Hungry Girl. Ummmm Weight Watchers girl was defeated. I started Weight Watchers in Oct. 2009 and to date I have lost 31 lbs….And I am proud of myself. It takes a lot to say that, but I am.

In my head I think of Hungry Girl as this person who is always hungry for things I can not have. Weight Watchers girl is the sensible me, making good choices, knowing what is real hunger and what’s NOT! Today I joined a gym…Scoooooore WW Girl! Lol then I started this blog…we’ll see how it goes :)